Weekly Group Runs

We offer group runs twice on Tuesdays, our pub runs on Thursdays, and then our trip to Mammoth Cave for trail running on Sundays. You don’t have to be super fit to come out to any of these runs, you just need to enjoy being with others while you do your training.

Tuesday – Group Speedwork Session

Location: Bowing Green High School Track

1801 Rockingham Avenue

Time: 5 AM – 6 AM

Contact: PJ Pethalsky (270) 392-8088 (call/text)


Tuesday – Nighttime Group Trail Run

Location: Meet at Mitch McConnell Park

426 East Riverview Drive

Run Location: Low Hollow Trail System – Weldon Peete Park

Time: Meet at Sunset (Approx. 8 pm as of June 1)

Run Length: 1 lap of trail is 2.5 miles in length, group decides run distance before run start

REQUIRED: Headlamp (trail shoes are optional)

Contact: PJ Pethalsky (270) 392-8088 (call/text)


Thursday – Group Pub Run

Location: Varies by Month

June: Bike Rack Bistro

855 Broadway Avenue

July: 643 Sports Bar

360 East 8 th Avenue

Time: Run starts at 6 pm (from each location)

Run Length: Variable depending on participants (3-6 miles)

Group meal follows run for those that wish to stay and mingle!


Sunday – Group Trail Run

Location: Mammoth Cave National Park Trail System

*Carpooling to Mammoth Cave is an Option

Time: Varies depending on participants

Run Length: Depends on trail/participants

Contact: PJ Pethalsky (270) 392-8088 (call/text)

Contact: Shannon Bryan (270) 303-1900 (call/text)